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LOCATION - "We have received full control over the numbers"

Location Reference story

About Bjørn

My hobbies:

Travel, MC, skiing

My favourite music:

U2, Prince, Coldplay

My favourite media:


My education:

Bachelor in business and administration


Why, when, and how did you start the co-operation? 

We were looking for a partner who was flexible, available, and with available online systems in 2006.

What are the main reasons to work with Accountor?

Excellent skills, availability, reasonably priced, good online systems/reporting

How should Accountor fulfil their brand promise: passion for results?

Keep developing systems that are understandable and available. And hire persons with the human touch and skills to do their job to satisfy their clients.

What are the most important factors in building a good relationship with Accountor? 

This is a partnership, not a one-way relationship. The clients must have good systems and attention to their needs and figures. We need to fulfil each other[BM1] !

What kinds of results have you received?

Full control of the numbers, good and understandable reports, and a healthy supplier who understands what we are trying to do

Do you measure or follow up the partnership (KPI)? 

We have daily contact by mail and phone, and twice yearly meetings.

Do you plan to deepen the partnership? 

No need to do that.

How could Accountor develop its services? 

As I answered earlier: even better systems and hiring the right persons.


About Location

Location Norway is the largest chain of cinema concession stands in Norway. It has 10 fully owned stores and 85 partner-owned stores.

The company is owned by Trondheim Kino AS and Bergen Kino AS, and is headquartered in Trondheim. The company offers a wide selection of national and international brands, many of them typically cinema brands/products. Location has always focused on international trends within the modern concession business. It offers the whole concession arena for movie marketing and movie campaigns.

Accountor service in use

All services except budgeting