PCP Partner and Accountor Systems merged to form Accountor ICT Oy

As a part of the organizational streamlining of Accountor Group, the daughter companies PCP Partner Oy and Accountor Systems Oy are merged to form Accountor ICT Oy on 1st October 2017.

PCP Partner Oy has been a part of Accountor Group since 2015. Since then the company has been integrated into the business both as an internal service provider as well as a business partner to external clients together with other units of Accountor Group. The merger is a natural step in this process.

”The new entity we create through the merger can give our customers wider and more experienced service platform”, says Petri Böhm, Executive VP, Accountor Enterprise Cluster. ”This merger offers also our personnel better possibilities to specialize and thus improve their skills and expertise”, says Jouni Erkkilä, Managing Director of PCP Partner Oy.

Accountor ICT Oy provides comprehensive hybrid cloud solutions, demanding consulting, maintenance and support services and resales of ICT devices and software.

Petri Böhm is nominated as Managing Director of Accountor ICT Oy from 1st October 2017. The current Managing Director, Jouni Erkkilä, continues in the company as a Commercial Director and a member of the management team.

More information:

Petri Böhm, Executive VP, Accountor Enterprise Cluster, petri.bohm@accountor.fi, tel +358 40 162 7969

Jouni Erkkilä, Managing Director, PCP Partner Oy, jouni.erkkila@pcp.fi, tel +358 40 500 4369