Timo Lehtinen a new CFO of Accountor Group

M.Sc (econ), EMBA Timo Lehtinen (53) has been appointed as a CFO and a member of the GMT from 2.10.2017. Timo is a very experienced financial director. His previous employers are e.g. YIT, Affecto and Saunalahti Group. Timo Lehtinen is reporting to COO Niklas Sonkin.

-  Our growth targets are ambitious. To reach them we are systematically building stronger and uniform Accountor Group and strengthening our management. Thus, it is great to have again a new, experienced specialist to reinforce our team, says Niklas Sonkin, COO and deputy CEO of Accountor Group.

More information:

Niklas Sonkin, COO, deputy CEO, Accountor Group, niklas.sonkin@accountor.fi, +358 44 410 3570

Timo Lehtinen, CFO, Accountor Group, timo.lehtinen@accountor.fi, + 358 45 6700 626

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